Cedar Point Oysters

Steve & Tess Weglarz

Durham, NH  03824
phone: (603) 502-1914
email: nhoysters @ gmail.com

Our family farm is located in the Great Bay Estuary at the mouth of the Oyster River. Wild oysters have thrived in this rich environment for millenia. We just add seed oysters and Nature does the rest! Oysters are filter feeders and live on naturally occurring plankton. It's literally feast or famine since the water is like plankton soup in the warmer months and the oysters grow quickly. As the waters cool in the Fall the oysters fatten up before the Bay's food chain shuts down in winter and the oysters hibernate till Spring.

Agricultural Practices
  no synthetic chemicals used, No GMOs, no antibiotics used, no added hormones, Free range

How to Buy Our Local Food Products
Farmers' Markets
  Summer: Durham
restaurants This farm sells to restaurants.
  At farm (call ahead)