Darius Frink Farm

John D. Frink, Helen Frink, Sally F. Ryder

272 Nimble Hill Road
Newington, NH  03801
phone: (603) 436-3763

Belted Galloway beef raised on farm pastures and farm-grown hay with no supplemental hormones or antibiotics. Cattle come into the barn for their evening treat of grain to facilitate handling but are primarily grass fed. Meat is processed at a USDA inspected facility and beef cuts are available frozen year round. Baled hay available as long as supply lasts. Fresh eggs from a free range flock $3 a dozen. The all natural ingredients in Lydia's Beeswax Handcream will protect and soothe chapped hands. No dyes or perfumes to irritate sensitive skin. Pure Grade A native honey sold by the pound or half-pound jar. The Darius Frink farm, listed on the National Register of Historic Places, is located in the Newington Center Historic District and has been continuously operated by the family since 1837. The barn was rehabilitated with grant funding from the New Hampshire Division of Historic Resources in 2012. An agricultural conservation easement protects the farmland from development.

Agricultural Practices
  No synthetic chemicals, NO GMOS, No antibiotics used, No added hormones, Free range, Pasture-raised, Grassfed with grain supplement, Heritage breeds: Belted Galloway beef cattle. This is an all natural farm; no chemicals, pesticides, or herbicides used to
Conservation Easements
  Rockingham County Conservation District

How to Buy Our Local Food Products
  All products sold at the farm. Please call ahead: 603-436-3763.








honey, baled feed hay and mulch hay