East Wind Farm

Becky & Eric Sideman

120 Perry Road
Strafford, NH  03884
phone: (603) 269-6203
email: eastwindfarm2009 @ gmail . com
website: eastwindfarm.wordpress.com

East Wind Farm was established in 2009. Our farm has a view of Parker Mountain, and our weathervane almost always points East. Our goal is to grow delicious food, take good care of our animals, and be good stewards of the land. We raise MOFGA-certified organic strawberries and tomatoes, and pasture-raised lamb and turkey.

Agricultural Practices
  No routine antibiotics used, No added hormones, free range, Pasture-raised, grassfed with grain supplement
Certified Organic
  MOFGA Certified Organic

How to Buy Our Local Food Products
Pick Your Own
  Pick-your-own strawberries
restaurants This farm sells to restaurants.
retailers This farm sells to retailers.
  At farm (call ahead). Area retailers: Philbrick's Market in Portsmouth




lamb, turkey


Wool, yarn