Fox Hill Farm

Jean Demetracopoulos

42 Old Fields Road
South Berwick, ME  03908
phone: (207) 384-5030
email: foxhillf @

We bought our farm in 1984 and have been raising/tending horses and sheep as well as other livestock since those early days. The barn got renovated before the house and the animals have been a big part of our family. Folks walking the back trails of Vaughan Woods State Park see and hear our sheep on their pasture.

Agricultural Practices
  Conventional, No routine antibiotics used, No added hormones, pasture-raised, Grassfed with grain supplement. Lambs are raised outside during the day, but are brought in at night to prevent losses from predators and allow fields to recover/be rotated.

How to Buy Our Local Food Products
restaurants This farm sells to restaurants.
  At farm (call ahead). Orders can be custom cut, or packaged ground lamb (~1 lb packages) & legs (half or whole)