Hammond Farms

Rodney Hammond

180 Old North Berwick Rd
Lyman, ME  04002
email: Hammondfarms @ roadrunner.net

We at Hammond Farms are a family owned apple orchard and egg seller. We provide several types of apple and eggs for sale at our roadside stand. We do not offer any pick your own as we are a small family farm and our family picks the trees.

Agricultural Practices
  Certified naturally grown, Low Spray (fruit), no antibiotics used, no added hormones, Free range

How to Buy Our Local Food Products
  Farm stand roadside open sun up to sun down.


chicken eggs


Apples, apple cider

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)

When you arrive you, will be greeted by one of the farmers from Heron Pond Farm. They will help you get signed in and give you a list of the food in the share that week, or it may be written on the “share wall.” Each location will be set up farm stand style; meaning we do not pre-box your farm share. This allows you to pick out your own vegetables and fruits. This year, in order to increase choice and FLEXIBILITY within our Farm share we have redesigned the system to better fit the needs of you, our best consumer. We let you know the vegetables that are available and you create the list, choosing the vegetables that best fit your needs for that week. Please note, some weeks there may be a group with one choice in it depending on time of year.