Harecrest Acres

Matthew & Joyce Haas

36 Meetinghouse Road
Biddeford, ME  04005
phone: (207) 283-8518
email: matthew1 @ maine.rr.com
website: localharvest.org/harecrest-acres-M16151

Harecrest Acres is a 21-acre working farm on the coast of Maine with a focus on apiculture (beekeeping) and cut your own Christmas trees. All our hives forage locally and the coastal and woodland floral sources make a unique wildflower honey that is highly desired by the local community for its rich flavor and color. Also because we do not heat or process our honey, it has local pollen and is preferred by many of our customers to counteract allergies. Our Christmas trees include Balsam, Canaan and Frazier fir and are grown with no chemicals and are hand pruned for that perfect old fashion holiday look. We invite you to your tree anytime from Thanksgiving day on to be sure you will have the perfect tree for the holidays.

Agricultural Practices
  No synthetic chemicals used, No GMOs, IPM, Low Spray (fruit), No antibiotics used, No added hormones, Free range

How to Buy Our Local Food Products
Pick Your Own
  Cut-your-own Christmas trees
restaurants This farm sells to restaurants.
  At farm (call ahead) Open for Christmas trees Starting December 2nd Weekends only. If you need to come by during the week, please call ahead and we will schedule a time for you. Want to get the best tree first? From Thanksgiving day on you can pretag your tree for the holiday just call or e-mail




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