Henny Penny Farm

Jillian Hall

Rochester, NH  03868
email: hennypennyfarmnh @ gmail.com
website: hennypennyfarmnh.weebly.com/

Henny Penny Farm is primarily a hobby farm that produces honey and other bee products for wholesale and retail sales. In addition to our hives, we tap our maple trees, grow garlic and have a small flock of hens. The farm is named for our first two hens, Henny and Penny. Penny is still with us today! We care for a couple of hives on our personal property and believe in producing both honey and beeswax products that are high quality and made with simple techniques and ingredients. We take pride in caring for our bees and creating a supportive environment for them through planting pollinator-friendly wildflower mixes on our property and also on our neighbors'! Orders can be placed online through our website and our lip balms can be found in some local stores.

How to Buy Our Local Food Products
  Please see our website for a current list of local retailers carrying our lip balm. Honey/egg sales are done from our home, please e-mail first.


chicken eggs


honey, we make a variety of lip balms from our own beeswax.