Jus’ Kidden Around Farm

Alan & Debra Markson

Nottingham, NH  03290
phone: (603) 942-5286
email: juskiddenaroundfarm @ yahoo.com

Jus' Kidden Around Farm is a family run business that offers farm fresh raw goat milk and free range chicken, duck and goose eggs. Our goat milk is available from late spring to late fall. We`ve been told by customers that our milk is the best tasting milk they've had. We practice all of the raw milk safe handling procedures to ensure good quality, great tasting and most importantly, safe raw goat milk. Please call for availability.

Agricultural Practices
  Free range, Grassfed with grain supplement

How to Buy Our Local Food Products
  At farm (call ahead)


k duck eggs , chicken eggs , goose eggs"


goat's milk