Line Hill Farm

Ken Lance & Ann Richard

213 Middleton Road
New Durham, NH  03855
phone: (603) 859-2277
email: linehill @

We are a small farm that has been operating since 2005. The property was purchased in 1987, and over the following years 20 acres has been turned into hay fields and a greenhouse added for vegetables. We have numerous outside gardens that have been providing vegetables for farmers markets for the last 4 years. We are currently working on licensing to add a nano brewery.

Agricultural Practices
  No synthetic chemicals used, no GMO used

How to Buy Our Local Food Products
Farmers' Markets
  Summer: New Durham, Rochester
restaurants This farm sells to restaurants.
retailers This farm sells to retailers.
institutions This farm sells to institutions.


We grow various vegetables; mainly tomatoes, cucumbers, squash, and zucchini.


honey, plants, hay, seedlings