Mousam Valley Mushrooms

John Sharood, Emily Sharood, Robert Sharood, & Aron Gonsalves

21 B Blanchard Road
Springvale, ME  04083
phone: (207) 457-6007
email: [email protected]

Mousam Valley Mushrooms is a family owned company, based in Springvale, ME located off of the Mousam River. We farm a variety of certified organic culinary mushrooms. We use proprietary, fully automated, growing technology and grow ""recipes"" to produce consistently superior native Maine mushrooms as well as exotic varieties grown on organic Maine hardwoods and straw.

Certified Organic
  MOFGA Certified Organic

How to Buy Our Local Food Products
Farmers' Markets
  Summer: Rochester, Saco, Sanford, Springvale, Somersworth Winter: Berwick, Saco River
restaurants This farm sells to restaurants.
retailers This farm sells to retailers.
institutions This farm sells to institutions.
  At farm (call ahead). You can find our product in your local Hannaford or Whole Foods Market. We also sell through the following distributors: Native Maine, Sysco, and Alber'ts Organics. We will also be in Shaws Supermarkets and Market Basket by March 2017!


A variety of organic gourmet mushrooms including: Italian Oysters, Pink Oysters, Butter Oysters, our wild strain of Katahdin Oysters, King Oysters, Shiitake, Lion's Mane, Cinnamon Caps, Pioppino, and Maitake.


Our spent mushroom substrate (SMS) is a by-product of our mushroom production and can be used for bioremediation. land restoration, plant disease control, organic fertilizer, mulch, soil-less growth medium, and as a soil conditioner.

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)

We supply to the following CSA's: Southern Maine Food Initiative - Arundel, Boston Organics - Boston, Frinklepod Farm - Arundel, Wolf Pine Farm - Alfred