Nottingham Orchard

Mark & Katy Hiza

58 McCrillis Road
Nottingham, NH  03290
phone: (603) 470-0219
email: katyhiza @ hotmail . com

We are a small organic (vegetables, bramble fruit and flowers) and IPM (tree fruit) farm. We have farmed this property for 35 years, and it was a farm long before we arrived. Our property is peaceful, abutting another vegetable farm and a large tract of protected woodland. As the operation is small, we can offer flexible, personalized service

Agricultural Practices

How to Buy Our Local Food Products
Farmers' Markets
  Summer: Portsmouth
  Farm stand open dawn to dusk September and October


apples: many varieties from early McIntosh to late season Baldwin and Northern Spy; varieties of peaches, blueberries (no spray); unpastuerized, no preservatives added fresh pressed cider; hard cider (5% alcohol) made from our own cider