Old Mountain Farm

Cheryle Moore-Smith

Cape Neddick, ME  03902
email: [email protected]
website: oldmountainfarm.com

Old Mountain Farm sits on the shoulder of Mt. Agamenticus in Cape Neddick Maine on property that was settled by Cheryle's ancestors in the early 1700's. Cheryle remembers, as a little girl, visiting her grandparents at the Old Mountain Farm. Cheryle and Wyl raise show quality milking Nigerian Dwarf Dairy goats and have been doing so since 1994 although Cheryle has been working with or owning goats since 1975. The farm supplies, delicious raw milk, organic fertile duck eggs, Muscovy Ducks, Organic Chicken eggs, manure for composting, raw and processed goat hides. Workshops both group or private in topics such as butchering and goat disbudding.

Agricultural Practices
  No routine antibiotics used, no hormones added, pasture raised, Grassfed with grain supplement

How to Buy Our Local Food Products
  At farm (call ahead), through website


goat's milk


goat meat


maple syrup, goat pelts, dairy goat consulting, carpentry