Back 40 Acres Farm

Bill Ahie

75 Fremont Road
Chester, NH  03036
phone: (603) 300-6956
email: hampstead283 @

We raise our own beef, fresh eggs and pork. They are 100% grass and hay fed animals. We started 20 years ago. We also have NH maple syrups, homemade apple sauce, raw honey, bbq rub and sauce, handmade soaps, a gift shop with antiques and country gifts. homemade dill pickles, turkeys, pies

Agricultural Practices
  No synthetic chemicals used, No GMOs, No antibiotics used, No added hormones, Free range, Pasture-raised, 100% Grassfed
Conservation Easements
  75% is in conservation

How to Buy Our Local Food Products
  Farm store open usually 12-5 Monday-Friday, daylight hours on weekends. We also carry antiques and source local vegetables from other farms if we do not have enough


tomatoes, cucumbers, corn, peppers and others




pork, beef, turkeys in the fall


maple syrup, honey