Barker’s Farm

Edie & Forrest Barker

216 Portsmouth Avenue
Stratham, NH  03885
phone: (603) 778-1039
email: barkersfarm @

We are a family owned and operated farm since 1917. We have been growing healthy veggies and feeding local families for generations. There is a conservation easement on the farm and the farm is a New Hampshire Farm of Distinction.

How to Buy Our Local Food Products
Farmers' Markets
  Summer: none
  Winter: none
  Farm stand open May-October in the spring from 9-6pm (Tue-Sun) and in the summer from 9-6pm daily


Tomatoes, corn, cucumbers, squash, beans, strawberries, potatoes, onions


Strawberries, melons


We sell locally grown meat: pork, beef and chicken. Local baked goods, pastas, and sauces. Locally produced milk, raw milk, raw milk yogurt and raw milk cheese. We have a beautiful assortment of fresh cut flowers. We also press cider. The cider is unpaste