Bell & Goose Cheese Company

South Hampton, NH

Anna Cantelmo
Featured: Cow & Sheep Milk Artisan Cheese: Camembert-style, Feta, Marinated Feta, German Butter Cheese, Caerphilly-style, Alpine-style, Swiss Cheese, Cheese Curds, Flavored Cheese (Dill, Hot Pepper, Mustard Seed)

We produce European style cow milk cheese all year round. Be on the look out for our award winning Quarry Stone Tomme, Cheese Curds, Herb Rounds, Camembert along with the occasional Irish Stout Cheddar, Alpine Cheddar and thistle rennet bloomy rinds. Our cheese kitchen is located on Heron Pond Farm in South Hampton NH. Come by the farm stand to pick up some of our artisan cow milk cheese, fresh veggies and pick-your-own blueberries.

What We Sell


Cow and sheep milk artisan cheese: soft ripened bloomy rinds-Camembert Cub, Dilly Cub, Thistledown Fresh Cheese- Cheese Curds, Chipotle Cheese Curds, Feta, Marinated Feta Aged Cheese- Ploughman (caerphilly style), Flora Hayward (alpine style), Hunca Munca

How to Buy Our Local Food

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)

Summer & Winter CSA, accepts SNAP as payment

Pick Your Own

Pick-your-own blueberries

Farmers' Markets

Summer: Portsmouth
Winter: Stratham/Exeter, Rollinsford


Sold at Heron Pond farmstand