Cedar Point Oysters

Steve Weglarz, Jr.

Durham, NH  03824
phone: (603) 502-1914
email: nhoysters @ gmail.com

At Cedar Point Oyster Farm, we raise native Eastern oysters in New Hampshire’s Great Bay, one of the largest and most dynamic estuaries on the Atlantic coast. The Great Bay Estuary is a unique environment created by the natural forces of tide and rainfall. The Piscataqua River carries cool sea water from the Gulf of Maine in with the tides, where it blends with the freshwater rivers of a 1000 square mile watershed draining the uplands of the Maine/New Hampshire border. The immense volumes of ebb and flow cause some of the strongest tidal currents in North America, and create a rich and diverse ecosystem where oysters have flourished naturally for millennia. We've been farming the Bay sustainably since 2011, adding nothing but seed oysters and letting nature do the rest!

How to Buy Our Local Food Products
  At farm (call ahead), Sanders Fish Market, Newick's