Dunk’s Mushrooms

Brentwood, NH

William Dunkerley
Featured: Fresh Gourmet Mushrooms, Specialty Mushroom Products: Jerky, Coffee, Pot Pies, Patties, Soups, Raviolis, Powders & Salts, Grow Kits, Stocks

Dunk's Mushrooms (Dunk's Mushroom Products & Foraging LLC) is located on Route 125 in Brentwood. Dunk's has been in business for 6 years, providing fresh mushrooms to local restaurants, farms and stores. We also have a licensed Food Processing Facility, where we turn our excess mushrooms into delicious, nutritious frozen and shelf stable foods. We specialize in foraged food items seasonally, not only mushrooms but also other wild foods. We run a series of dinners from our farm, and will be having mushroom ID workshops, and other events this year.

What We Sell


Fresh Mushrooms: Shiitakes, Maitake, Oysters, Chestnut, Lions Mane, Pioppino Wild Mushrooms: When in season locally. Dried Mushrooms, Mushroom Jerky, Mushroom Coffees, Mushroom Salts and Powders, Mushroom Patties, Mushroom Soups, Mushroom Stocks, Mushroo

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