Eden Acres Family Farm

East Waterboro, ME

Ali & Bryan Quincannon
Featured: Fruit, Apple Cider, Apple Cider Vinegar
Certified Organic
  MOFGA Certified Organic

In 2015, our family began the loving restoration of an abandoned apple orchard with over 30 varieties of organic, heirloom apples in Southern Maine. The apples express their symphony of flavor in our handcrafted and unpasteurized ciders, consciously blended in small batches. Our premium quality vinegar, is then gently fermented utilizing a European fermentation style that yields a clean tasting superior vinegar. Quincannon Apple Cider Vinegar contains 100% fermented apple cider and is never watered down compared to many commercially produced vinegars. Taste the difference! ***New for 2021*** We plan to offer interactive small group gatherings (by appointment) that will include a personal educational tour, PYO of ripe apple varieties, and on-site fresh pressed cider.

What We Sell


Organic heirloom apples - 30 varieties


Unpasteurized organic apple cider, organic apple cider vinegar with the mother

How to Buy Our Local Food

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Farmers' Markets

Summer: Waterboro


Our apples can be purchased seasonally at our farm. We also sell at Common Ground Fair.