Fat Peach Farm

Jennifer Wilhelm & Micum Davis

181 Drew Road
Madbury, NH  03823
phone: (603) 516-5610
email: fatpeachfarmers @ gmail.com
website: fatpeachfarm.com

Fat Peach Farm is a small-scale, mixed production farm located in Madbury, New Hampshire. We produce a variety of fruits, vegetables, herbs, and cut flowers. In 2020, we transitioned from offering a CSA and attending farmers markets, to selling wholesale. We also sell directly to our customers via our online farm store. We practice organic production methods within a no-till, permanent raised bed system. Our aim is to promote ecological balance through healthy soils and resource conservation. Learn more about our management system here. Our farm has been in operation since 2015.

Certified Organic
  Exempt Organic

How to Buy Our Local Food Products
Online Store: fatpeachfarm.com/farm-store.html
Farmers' Markets
  Summer: none
  Winter: none
  At farm (call ahead, no regular hours)


A variety of greens, garlic, and root vegetables




Peaches, strawberries


Maple syrup, honey, cut flowers