Hickory Nut Farm

Donna-Lee Woods

21 York Ln
Lee, NH  03861
phone: (603) 312-5184
email: createdlw @ aol . com
website: hickorynutfarm.com

The family run farm is a state registered goat dairy farm with 100 head of mostly Nubian, Toggenburg, and Oberhasli goats. The farm began in 2000 with three goats and has grown from there with lots of love and laughs. Our hormone free milk has a natural creamy flavor that will change subtly with the natural cycle of the goats. You can visit the family farm and enjoy our 'ladies' and visit with their kids. We encourage visits in the spring when the baby goats are born for bottle feeding opportunities.

How to Buy Our Local Food Products
Farmers' Markets
  Summer: Exeter, Portsmouth, York Winter: Seacoast Eat Local Markets in Exeter and Rollinsford, York, Kittery, Durham
  Farm stand


Yogurt made from goat milk, raw goat milk hard cheese, soft pasteurized goat milk cheese, brine goat milk cheese


Goat's Milk Soap, Goat's Milk Candy, Fudge, waddles syrup