Hickory Nut Farm

Donne-Lee Woods and Phil Tambling

21 York Ln
Lee, NH  03861
phone: (603) 312-5184
email: createdlw @ aol . com
website: hickorynutfarm.com

Hickory Nut Farm is a small, family owned and operated farm located in rural Lee NH on York Lane, founded in 2000 by a husband and wife team of Architects. We are an assembly of three generations of family and some wonderful Christian friends, who just like being here and helping out. The love and affection that we bestow on our animals is returned 100 fold in the many blessings and adventures we share on our farm. All of our products are individually crafted by skilled workers. No two wheels of cheese produced with the same recipe and method have exactly the same taste or texture due to the variables that we cannot control. This, too, is to our delight as each new wheel opened comes with its own mystery. Each product is unique and hand-made, and nothing is mass-produced. Each variety of cheese is of our own development and naming. Our milk is not pasteurized as that process kills some the nutrition that is good for us. Expectant and nursing mothers, therefore, should not eat our cheese. Each bar of soap is equally hand-crafted, as is our yo-goat-gurt and confections.

How to Buy Our Local Food Products
Online Store: We sell through a third part online store, which offers delivery
Farmers' Markets
  Summer: Durham, Exeter, North Berwick, Portsmouth, York, Cambridge MA, Medford MA, Concord NH Winter: Berwick, Winter, Rolling Green Nursery, Winter, Exeter, Winter, Rollinsford, Winter, Cambridge MA, Concord NH
  We sell only our own products at our farm stand


Yogurt made from goat milk, raw goat milk hard cheese, soft pasteurized goat milk cheese, brine goat milk cheese


Fudge, Soap, Caramel, Soft Cheese, Spray Cleaner