Hickory Nut Farm

Lee, NH

Donne-Lee Woods & Phil Tambling
Featured: Hard Raw Goat Milk Cheese, Goat Milk Yogurt, Fudge, Cuppa Cheese, Ri-Goat-A Cheese, Personalized Frozen Cheese Cakes, Marinated Cheese Bites, Waddles Syrup, Soap, House Cleaner

Life changes can be dramatic, exciting, and fulfilling. One day, we are husband and wife architects, and the next we are goat farmers. Our existence is uncomplicated, busy, fun, and peaceful. Every day we discover a new appreciation for our blessings. The produce of the earth, wonderfully interesting and entertaining, yields animals with all kinds of color and temperament. We share the farm with many goats and make healthy, mouth watering items from the milk.

What We Sell


Hard raw goat milk cheese, goat milk yogurt


Fudge, soap, cuppa cheese, ri-goat-a cheese, personalized frozen cheese cakes, marinated cheese bites, Waddles syrup, house cleaner. In the spring, we have about 80 baby goats that love to be bottle fed. Please plan to visit the farm from March to May to

How to Buy Our Local Food

Farmers' Markets

Summer: Durham, Exeter, Gateway York, North Berwick (Tri-town), Rochester, South Berwick (Tri-town), Boston, MA, Concord, NH
Winter: Rolling Green Nursery-Greenland, Rollinsford, Boston, MA


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