Jack’s Honey

The Kuhn Family

67 Baker St
Candia, NH  03034
phone: (603) 483-1303
email: info @ jackshoney . com
website: jackshoney.com

Our mission here at Jack's Honey, is to enjoy being with the bees while we create all natural products from their efforts. At Jack's Honey, we believe it's all about the bees when it comes to beekeeping. We believe in the thought that bees know what's best for them, and that we are here just to allow them to do what they want, in a manner that we can work with them and enjoy their company. We offer pure, raw, grade A, local honey and beeswax products. Stop by today!

How to Buy Our Local Food Products
  Visit our apiary located at our home in Candia. You can also find our products at DC Mobil 179 Raymond Road, Candia, NH.


Wildflower Honey Pure Grade A RAW honey in various forms (Liquid honey, Comb Honey, Creamed Honey, etc). Pollen Carefully collected from our hives. Homemade Lip Balm Many different flavors to choose from. Beeswax Candles Hand poured candles made