Little Pond Farm, LLC

Keri Marshall and Peter Mahar

53 Depot Road
East Kingston, NH  03827
phone: (603) 642-8471
email: mlaw @

We have more than five-acres of blueberries (just blueberries) we do not spray or use any chemicals. We offer at least ten varieties that ripen throughout the season. We offer some pre-picked and allow you pick your own. Sampling while picking is encouraged! We have two golden retrievers and a few free-range chickens to keep you company. We raise bees for pollinating but let them keep their honey. We employ local residents and try to pay sustainable wages. We are generally open around July 4 through mid August.

How to Buy Our Local Food Products
Pick Your Own
  PYO, we are generally open seven days in season from approximately 7:30 AM until 7 PM
  Farm stand, PYO. We are generally around from sun up to sun down, seven days per week during the season.