Rimrack Fish

Padi & Mike Anderson

Rye Harbor
Rye, NH  03870
phone: (603) 343-1500
email: fvrimrack @ gmail.com
website: rimrackfish.com

Make dinner an adventure! Come down and enjoy seeing NH's working waterfront. Buying your SeaFood directly off fishing boats supports NH fishermen and NH fishing rights. Your choice to buy local and direct means you can trace your seafood from the ocean where it's caught, to your dinner table, while supporting sustainability and protecting the fisheries that our communities and fishermen rely on. The FV Rimrack is a trusted harvester of local, wild caught seafood of the highest quality. We love what we do!

How to Buy Our Local Food Products
  Off-the-boat: Daily catch is available at Rye Harbor State Marina, Rt 1A on the dock landings. Check website or call for availability, prices, and landing time. Bring containers and ice.