Shilo Farm

Eliot, ME

Amylyn & Jonas Zev Amberger
Featured: Eggs, Elderberry Tincture, Herbal Salves

We are a micro farm/homestead that cultivates medicinal plants, herbs and food following permaculture principles of land management. Elderberries are our specialty. We have a small herd of Nigerian Dwarf goats and we raise organic and free range heritage breed chickens for their eggs and have four rescue cats and a 125 pound Livestock Guardian dog called Shasta. Our property consists of 6 acres of woodland and edible gardens landscapes. We are also home to a Timber-framed Yoga studio and offer unique short-term lodging opportunities.

What We Sell


Free-range chicken eggs




Elderberry tincture, herbal salves

How to Buy Our Local Food


At farm (call ahead, no regular hours)