Tabor Homestead

Carl Tabor

335 Lebanon Road
North Berwick, ME  03906
phone: (207) 676-5579
email: joshuamtabor @

The Tabor Homestead has been processing poultry for personal growers since 1984. We process our customers' poultry as if their birds were our own. Our humane process provides the absolute freshest and highest quality poultry available in our region. If you aren't able to grow your own, our own farm fresh chicken is available for purchase. Just call.

Certified Organic
  Exempt Organic

How to Buy Our Local Food Products
Farmers' Markets
  Summer: none
  Winter: none
  At farm (call ahead, no regular hours)


Frozen chicken (whole, boneless breast, tenders, drumsticks, thighs, and wings)


Poultry processing