Tecce Farm

Chet Tecce

240 Mast Road
Durham, NH  03824
email: teccefarm @ gmail.com
website: teccefarm.com

Tecce Farm is a fourth-generation family owned and operated farm located along the Oyster River in Durham NH and abuts UNH. We started as a dairy farm back in the early 1900's and have now evolved to a farm that now has over 50 acres of sweet corn, 20 acres of assorted vegetables, and two apple orchards.

Agricultural Practices
  no GMO used, IPM, Low Spray (fruit), conventional
Conservation Easements
  Southeast Land Trust

How to Buy Our Local Food Products
Pick Your Own
restaurants This farm sells to restaurants.
  We are open 7 days a week from the end of July to the beginning of November


A wide variety of vegetables including: Sweet corn, several varieties of tomatoes, green beans, squash, and pumpkins.


Apples, peaches


Cut flowers and PYO flowers, honey, maple syrup