Three Charm Farm

Alfred, ME

Ingrid Claesson & Edward Sabatini
Featured: Goat/Sheep Milk Cheese and Yogurt

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Three Charm Farm is a farmstead creamery located in Alfred, Maine. We create small handmade batches of seasonal fresh cheese and yogurt with the help of our lovingly raised goats and sheep. As a licensed dairy, we produce fresh yogurt and cheeses from a combination of goat and sheep milk that is heat treated (not pasteurized). Our animals have 24/7 access to both shelter and outdoor spaces. We practice rotational grazing/browse from late spring through late fall. Our sheep and goats are fed a custom mix of grains, minerals, kelp, herbs, and high quality hay. We produce our cheese and yogurt from mid-May through November 1st, and we love our animals all year long. We work with Massabesic High School Work Experience Program and Vocational Rehabilitation to provide basic skills and experience for high school seniors. We employ a full time, paid farm apprentice from March through November. We are members of the Maine Cheese Guild. We utilize a variety of natural and organic products in the raising of our animals.

What We Sell


Cheese and yogurt made from a combination of goat and sheep milk


Live lambs and goat kids

How to Buy Our Local Food

Online Store


Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)

Summer CSA


At farm (call ahead, no regular hours)