Tiny Hill Farm

Larissa Mullen and Arthur Haeussler

38 Willey Road
Milton Mills, NH  03852
phone: (603) 817-0081
email: tinyhillfarm @ gmail . com
website: tinyhillfarm.com

Tiny Hill Farm is a small farm located in Milton Mills, New Hampshire. We specialize in raising top producing Nigerian Dwarf dairy goats and pasture raised, heritage breed poultry. We also offer goat yoga classes, goat care classes, and educational farm tours and children’s activities.

How to Buy Our Local Food Products
Online Store: none
  Farm stand/fridge is open from April-December (dawn to dusk). Stocked (when available) with milk and eggs. Please call ahead (or text) to check availability. Please call or text for live poultry, goat kids, large orders, or during the winter months.


chicken eggs, goose eggs


goat milk


Custom hatching of fertile eggs, juvenile exhibition bantams, registered Nigerian dwarf goats, Nigerian dwarf goat breeding services, goat yoga classes, educational farm tours, goat care and management classes, farm rentals for weddings and other events