Vernon Family Farm

Newfields, NH

Jeremiah & Nicole Vernon
Featured: Chicken, Organ Meat, Rotisserie Chicken, Chicken Pot Pie, Bone Broth, Chicken Soup, Rotisserie Chicken Mac 'n' Cheese, Lamb, Beef

Vernon Family Farm is a 1st generation pastured livestock farm that specializes in pasture-raised, non-GMO chicken. We are a family farm located on 33 conserved acres in Newfields, New Hampshire along the Piscassic River and Route 87. Our family and our crew love being able to provide an easier way to eat local year-round, while also inviting the community to experience life on the farm. At our farm store, we sell a variety of our own non-GMO, pastured meats plus a variety of other grass-fed and pastured meats, fruit, vegetables, mushrooms, sauces, spices, and more. We are grateful that our farm store can make a larger local impact by supporting approximately 30 other local vendors, small businesses, and farms. We continuously strive to reduce waste, improve our regenerative practices, and create community events that bring locals together, all while eating finger-licking good, local chicken.

What We Sell


We specialize in mushrooms and we grow a modest amount of vegetables, including tomatoes, greens, onions, etc.


Chicken eggs


Pasture raised, non-GMO grained beef, lamb and chicken cuts


Rotisserie chicken, chicken pot pie, bone broth, chicken soup, rotisserie chicken mac 'n' cheese

How to Buy Our Local Food

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)

Year-round CSA, debit style

Farmers' Markets

Summer: Portsmouth
Winter: Stratham/Exeter, Rollinsford


Open daily 9-6, year round

Accepts SNAP at Farmstand