Victory Aquaponics

Ross Williams

13 Brewster Road
Londonderry, NH  03038
phone: (781) 974-0908
email: VictoryAquaponics @

Victory Aquaponics has been in operation for several years. Our greenhouse is a two-story structure with a 3,000 square foot greenhouse above and an equal area to support fish, and seedlings below. We grow fresh vegetables for local Farmers Markets without the use of chemical fertilizers or pesticides. Our greenhouse in Londonderry was specially designed for Aquaponics in New England and produces year round. One of the big advantages of Aquaponics beyond its organic nature is its conservation of water. Although the plants are all growing in water we use far less than conventional methods of farming because water is constantly being recycled.

Agricultural Practices
  No synthetic chemicals used, No GMO used

How to Buy Our Local Food Products
Farmers' Markets
  Summer: Salem Winter: Salem
restaurants This farm sells to restaurants.
retailers This farm sells to retailers.
institutions This farm sells to institutions.
  Farm stand


We offer a wide selection of greens, including several varieties of lettuce (butterhead, salanova, oak leaf, romain, and others), chard (red and green), kale (scarlett, toscano, and blue curled scotch), bok choy (red and green), herbs (cilantro, parsley,