Watterson Farm, LLC

Lauren Belliveau

132 Drinkwater Road
Hampton Falls, NH  03844
phone: (603) 997-1889
email: lauren @ wattersonfarm.com
website: wattersonfarm.com

At Watterson Farm, we are committed to offering delicious chicken, turkey, and duck using sustainable and humane practices. As chicks, our birds stay clean, warm, and dry in a large, well-maintained barn. When they are old enough, they are moved to pasture where they are free to 'be chickens", searching for bugs and eating grass. They are supplemented with high-quality, non-GMO feed which is milled in Vermont.

How to Buy Our Local Food Products
CSA Shares
  Summer & Winter CSA
Farmers' Markets
  Summer: none
  Winter: none
  At farm (call ahead, no regular hours)


Pasture raised eggs


Chicken, turkey, duck